Our Story

Trades by Haim Shahar is dedicated to bringing the beauty of the world to our customers through jewelry. We hope it brings you joy and makes you feel closer to all people everywhere.

In 1987, Haim Shahar founded the company as a distributor of unique jewelry made by European artisans, working to bring their designs to the United States. He started small, at craft fairs and art exhibitions under the name of Trades of the East. The work he chose to sell was beautifully designed, handcrafted, and appealed to Shahar's own sense of style and quality. Operating out of a small college town in Western Massachusetts, Trades by Haim Shahar soon grew into a successful wholesale company.
Over time, Shahar developed his own designs to be manufactured by small family-run factories in Europe, most in small towns or villages, some with a history of jewelry makers going back multiple generations. Shahar's eclectic taste and keen eye led him to create a spectrum from casual and earthy to sophisticated and refined, drawing inspiration from his travels and a variety of diverse cultures. Collaboration with the small family businesses allows Shahar to maintain the standard of quality and hand-made authenticity that he feels passionate about and for which Trades by Haim Shahar stands for.

What began at craft fairs as a simple business idea has developed into a highly successful company bringing the designs of Haim Shahar and the work of talented artisans from around the world to the United States. Shahar says,
"I get a lot of pleasure from bringing my designs and the craftsmanship of these very talented artisans to the United States. It's a pleasure to share the collection with everyone and women look and feel absolutely beautiful in our jewelry."

You can find the alluring collections of Trades by Haim Shahar in fine boutiques, galleries, gift shops, catalogs, department and museum stores throughout the U.S. Look for pictorials displaying the line in trend-setting magazines, such as Mademoiselle, Accessories, In-Style, Vogue, Bazaar and others.

We hope you enjoy our jewelry and wear it in good health!